Building Lighting System for LED Lighting (5 way)           Code: RK-BLS5

Many modellers are not electronics whizzes, and while they may be able to make basic connections, they prefer to leave the details of electronics to someone else.

Thus, when it comes to installing LED lighting in buildings, some modellers may prefer to use a system such as this, which gives easy installation and control of five separate LEDs.

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) has five screwdriver controls to set lighting levels, and a ribbon cable which may be torn apart to make five small cables - one for each LED. (see photo above.)

To install the LEDs, simply push them in to the miniature sockets on the end of each of the five small cables. Each cable is routed in to the structure it is intended to light. The LEDs may be installed up tight to the socket, (see the red LED) or left long (clear LED) and bent to allow them to be placed where needed. (See photo.)

Once the LEDs are in position, their brightness may be controlled in the range from about 1ma of LED current, up to 20mA, until the desired lighting level is attained.

          Ready to use price for       RK-BLS5: $34-00

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