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A Railway Modeller does not go far today in the hobby without encountering electronics. The versatility, wide spread availability, and cheapness of electronics has broadened the possibilities of the hobby to an incredible extent. Detail and realism can be added to many facets of the craft. However, many modellers who started out to model trains, not to do electronics, find this bewildering and frustrating.

I have been making electronic kits for model railways for several years, and showing them at various railway exhibitions. At these exhibitions, I am frequently asked questions at a basic level by experienced modellers who have no electronics knowledge. This is not a criticism of such people merely an observation that their knowledge lies in another direction.

This book is for railway modellers who have little or no knowledge of electronics. It assumes no background knowledge of electronics or electricity. It seeks to set out the basics in a simple and readable form, so that modellers may use the electronics available to them in an informed and intelligent way.

Chapters deal with different aspects of electronics by starting with the simple background theory, and progressing to the way it is applied in particular in model railways. Examples given are biased to railway modelling.

Of course, different modellers will bring different levels of expertise to this, while some will have previous knowledge in one area, and some another. Different modellers will therefore find different parts of the book more helpful than others.

It is not necessary to comprehend all of the material presented in order to be able to use electronics in the hobby. Two practices have been used to present some of the more in-depth material. Firstly, material printed against a darker background may be skipped over, without loss of sense. However, if there is interest in going a little deeper, this material will flesh out some of the details.

Secondly, three later chapters give more detail of the theory behind topics which were introduced in earlier chapters of the book. These chapters may be tackled when the modeller feels thay have the confidence, and the need to use them.

There is of necessity some mathematical formulae it is necessary to be able to calculate some of the electronic quantities from other data. In these cases, examples are given which should help the modeller to apply the formulae in other situations.

The book has been well reviewed.

Chapters in the book are

  1. Conductors and Current Flow.
  2. Capacitors.
  3. Semiconductors 1 - Diodes.
  4. Inductors.
  5. Semiconductors 2 - Transistors and the like.
  6. Switches and Relays.
  7. Power Supplies.
  8. Care of Electronic Components.
  9. Train Detection.
  10. Measuring Electrical Quantities.
  11. Soldering.
  12. Wire.
  13. Building a circuit on a PCB.
  14. Conductors and Current Flow Detail.
  15. Capacitors Detail.
  16. Semiconductors Detail.
Appendices provide a source of technical reference in various areas, and define a number of terms.

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