Model Railway Detecting Diesel Horn Generator - Code: RK-DDHGP

This unit detects the passing of a train, and uses a PIC microcontroller to generate a diesel horn sound for model railways.

Detection is by a light dependent resistor (LDR) The photo at lower left shows an LDR set in the track. An optional second detector allows for activation from 2 points for example, both sides of a crossing.

Jumpers on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) can be used to determine whether the sound is a single blast, or a long/short/long pattern of sound. The unit may also be manually triggered, via a push button. (The green wires in the photo at left.) It has its own speaker.

It operates from 12 volts DC, and requires approximately 10 mA standby current, rising to approximately 125mA when the horn is sounding.

Click on the photo to hear the sound generated.

Kit price for           RK-DDHGP: $33-00

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