Fast Clock for Model Railways.           Code: RK-FClkP

This unit uses a PIC microcontroller to generate a fast clock with ratios selectable from 1, 2, 4, 6, 7.5, 10, 15 and 60 times real time.

The readout is a 4 digit, 7 segment, Red LED display 14mm high.

The speed ratio is set with a Dual Inline Package (DIP) switch on the main PCB.

Display can be 12 or 24 hour format. This is selected via the DIP switch.

The unit can be set to start at 12 midnight, 6am, noon, or 6pm, again selectable via the DIP switch.

A run/hold switch connects to the main printed circuit board (PCB.) This can be mounted on an external panel and used to halt the operation of the clock at any time. When this switch is returned from the hold position to the run position, the clock continues from wherever it was when the hold position was selected. Thus, in the event of say, a coffee break in an operating session, everything may be put on temporary hold until it is convenient to start again.

In operation, the controller would use the DIP switch to select the speed ratio, the 12/24 hour format desired, and the start time, and then, with the run/hold switch in the hold position, press the reset button. The unit would display start time, but not advance. When the operating session is to start, the run hold switch is released to the run position, and trains can start to travel.

The unit has a set of contacts which are closed from 6am to 6pm (day,) and another set which are closed from 6pm to 6am (night.) Thus, lighting and other effects can be synchronised with the night/day cycle.

There are two main printed circuit boards (PCBs). One is the controller board, while the other (SD7S) is the display board, which may be mounted remotely. One SD7S PCB with all display components and 1 metre of ribbon cable is part of the kit. (See photograph at left.) Additional SD7S display units may be attached to the controller board, allowing up to three slave displays to be positioned around the model layout room.

The unit requires a 12 volt DC supply, and draws approximately 150mA.

Kit price for RK-FClkP: $72-50

Kit price for add on display RK-SD7SDX: $34-00 plus cable length to suit

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