Model Railway Flashing Rear End Device             Code: RK-FRED

This unit uses a flashing LED and optic fibre to provide the flashing rear end device (F.R.E.D.) used on the rear end of modern trains. The unit runs from track power, or from its own battery.

The unit comes mounted on double sided tape.It is designed to be installed inside the rear car of a train. The optic fibre is threaded through to protrude from the end of the car, where the FRED would be placed on a train.

The end of the fibre may be housed in something to represent the small lantern on the end of the train. It is possible to flare the fibre end with a hot tool, so as to produce a mushroom shape, if this is desired. However, light will still only come substantially from the central diameter of the fibre. The fibre may be cut to a shorter length with a pair of strong scissors.

The LED is normally heavily painted with black paint to cut down on stray light escaping to the outside world. (The photo shows a unit before the LED has been blacked, so that detail may be more clearly seen.)

The unit has a small switch to turn the battery on or off. The unit should be installed so that there is easy access to the switch to turn it off or on. A removable roof or partly removable load would allow this. It may be powered solely from the battery. Simply arrange the black wires to be out of the way. There is no voltage from the battery on these wires. The battery should give around ten hours of operation before it needs replacing.

To power the unit from the track, connect the two black wires to a track pickup mechanism. Polarity does not matter. As soon as the track voltage at the LED is greater than the battery voltage, track power will take over and the battery will be held off. As the track voltage decreases, the battery will take over again. Obviously, using a track pickup will greatly increase the battery life. If the battery switch is off, the unit will only use track power.

Code : RK-FRED                   Ready to Go Price: $34-00

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