Modeller's Hot Wire Foam Cutter       Code: RK-HWFC

This is a tool after the style of a fret saw, that uses a hot wire to cut shapes from the foam commonly used as packaging. Although this foam is easily worked with a knife and or file, such working makes a vast amount of mess, while this tool gives a clean cut with a smooth edge.

The tool requires 5 volts at 2.5 amps, either AC or DC. The power connection is in the back of the handle, and is a standard 2.1mm power socket. A suitable power supply is provided with this unit.

To use, hold the tool by the handle, with fingers clear of the hot wire. Press the actuating button, and after about 1 second, you will be able to pass the wire cleanly through a piece of foam, making complex shapes to suit whatever purpose you may have.

When you have finished cutting, release the actuating button, and lay the tool down carefully, where the hot wire can do no damage. The wire will be cool enough to handle after about 15-20 seconds.

There are some safety precautions to be observed in the use of this tool.

  • The cutting wire gets hot!! There is a danger of burns. Keep fingers away from the wire when in use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Use in a well ventilated area, and do not breathe fumes given off in the cutting process, which may be toxic.
  • Do not allow the tool to come into contact with electrically conducting surfaces, or the wire element may be short circuited and damage the power supply.

Ready to use price for             RK-HWFC: $59-50

A battery version of this tool using D Cells is available. It is very similar, apart from having a shorter cutting element, and having to be supplied with D Cells, which are held in the handle.

Ready to use price for             RK-HWFC-B: $34-50

A more "toylike" version using C cells is avialable for $22-50.

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