Remotely Controlled Point Motor Driver - Code: RK-RCPMD

This unit allows simple control of Peco (or similar) point motors. It works by discharging a capacitor into the point motor coils. Each coil has its own capacitor.

Advantages of this system
  • All the high current flow to the point motor coils is contained within the driver unit. Thus, very light wires can be used to control them.
  • A single control wire, and connection to a 12volt bus system are the only connections needed.
  • The control unit can be far away from the points being controlled.
  • Although there is a recovery time (approximately 1 second) before any given point may be re-activated, a number of points may be activated in rapid succession.
  • Multiple points may be activated by a single control switch for example, the four point motors of a scissor crossing.
  • In addition, with this system, a simple rotary switch controller can control ladder yards, up to six roads per switch unit, and additional units can be added to control an additional five roads. (see RSRC below.)
  • This all adds up to easy CTC board construction and control of the layout.
The disadvantage of the system is that a drive unit is needed for each point motor.

General specifications (Control unit plus switch unit.)

        Current draw per unit                             Approximately 30mA.
       Current draw during recovery time       Approximately 250mA.
        Recovery time                                   Approximately 1 second.
        Control current                                                 Less than 2mA.

The units work with either HO or N points.

Wiring the control switches on the control panel is simply a matter of looping all the 12V connections together, and connecting them to a 12v supply. The single control signal wire from each control switch is connected to a suitable cable rainbow ribbon cable provides built in colour coding. All of these wires are carrying very low current. (See diagram below)

The length of cable from the control panel to the controlled points is almost unlimited.

The point motor is attached to the point by whatever method is suitable. (Better results are obtained when the motor is attached directly to the point unit.) The driver units are designed to be attached directly to the point motor, but may be connected via a short length of hookup wire. Once a driver unit is fitted to each point motor to be controlled, and all the 12V connections have been made to a 12v supply, it remains to connect the single control wire from the control panel to the control connector on the respective driver unit.

Each kit contains the parts to make up one driver unit, and one control switch unit. If multiple point motors are controlled from one switch unit, the extra switch units are not needed. Point motors are not supplied with the kit.

The diagram below shows a setup with several point motors individually connected, one pair of motors operating a crossover controlled from a single switch unit, and a six track ladder yard controlled by the RSRC (Rotary Switch Route Controller) unit.

Kit price for RK-RCPMD: $19-50

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