Model Railway Siren Sound Generator - Code: RK-SirenP

This unit generates a siren sound using a PIC microcontroller.

Two siren sounds are available. The sound reproduced here has an equal time for increasing and decreasing frequency, and each cycle is about 8 seconds. A jumper setting allows for another siren sound, with increasing frequency time of about 3 seconds, and a decreasing frequency time of a little more than a second.

A switch turns the siren sound off or on. Two push buttons are provided to produce a low frequency horn, of the type used by fire engines, or a more rapid urgent siren, as used by emergency vehicles at traffic lights or similar.

The "urgent" siren overrides the horn, if both are pressed together. These two will sound whether or not the siren is currently active. When these buttons are released, the siren continues if it was previously active.

Sound is produced in a small speaker provided as part of the kit. Users wishing to make a more “serious” sound could take the speaker output to an amplifier if so desired.

The module requires 12v at approximately 50mA average when sounding.

Click on the photo to hear the sound generated.

Kit price for           RK-SirenP: $29-50

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