Toggle Switch Controller for 3 Aspect Common Anode Signal for Model Railways         Code: RK-SSw3

For those who wish to be able to light a 3 aspect signal, without the complexity of more prototypical interaction with the layout, and wishing to have a simple connection and mounting of the control. This module requires only a single hole to be drilled for mounting (as distictinct freom the awkward rectangular hole needed if a 3 position slide switch is used.) Colour coded terminals on the module connect the wires from the normally supplied common anode signals directly, and the user need only supply a 12 volt power input. Ballast resistance is inlcuded within the module, so there is no need for concern as to whether such has been included in the signal mast - the module will safely light the mast whether or not the mast has ballast resistance.

A fully constructed unit is shown at right. The terminal block nearest the viewer has colour coded connections for the signal mast, while the 12 volt input is at the other end of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

The three position centre off toggle switch becomes the means of mounting the whole module through a single hole in the control panel.

This is a very simple unit to install, yet allows changing signal aspects to be displayed.

The unit requires approximately 15mA from a 12 volt supply.

Kit price for RK-SSw3: $9-50

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