Road Traffic Light Controller Module               Code: RK-TLCP.

This unit controls three or four colour road traffic signals North and South operating in unison, and East and West operating in unison. The unit can control traffic signals arranged as common anode, or as common cathode. A jumper selects which form of signal is to be used.

Control inputs are provided to switch the controller to flashing amber in all directions (for the wee small hours) or to red in all directions (to allow your fire engines priority.) Red aspect takes priority over flashing amber. Each of these conditions is reached after a caution cycle on the currently green direction.

The unit may control 3 phases of signal, Green, Yellow, and Red, and then repeat for the other direction, or it may include an additional brief public transport white phase before the green phase, for your buses and/or trams.

The aspects displayed are shown in the table at left.

Kit Price for       RK-TLCP: $31-00

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Last updated 3rd February, 2017.
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