Track Tester with Voltmeter       Code: RK-TTV

This is a handy little unit for testing the voltage on a model railway track. It is supplied as a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with two brass contacts along the bottom, and a voltmeter and other components mounted on it, including a red/green LED to indicate track polarity. It is designed to work with track from Z scale to O scale.

To use, simply press the unit down on the rails, (where the label says track) and check the LED and the voltmeter.

If the LED lights up red, then the track has a DC voltage on it, and the right rail is positive. If the LED lights up green, then the track has a DC voltage on it, and the left rail is positive. This is indicated on the face of the unit as “Gn (for green) L +ve,” meaning left positive, and similarly for Rd (red) meaning right positive. If both sections (red and green) of the LED light up, then there is an AC voltage on the track. It is assumed this implies DCC, hence the labelling “Or DCC” meaning Orange indicates DCC. However, this must be interpreted - there may be an AC voltage from an AC controller. The labelling is meant to provide a simple reminder of the state of the LED. The light may not be seen as orange, but the red and green sections will possibly be separately visible.

The voltmeter will start to indicate with around 5 volts on the track. Because of the diode bridge on the unit, the voltage indicated is approximately 1.5 volts lower than the track voltage. Thus, a reading of say 7.8 volts should be interpreted to mean the track voltage is approximately 9.3 volts. The unit will read up to 30 volts.

Although the approximately 1.5 allowance must be made in interpreting the readings, the readings will be consistent. That is to say, if a reading of say 10.2 volts is given near to the track supply point, and a reading of 9.6 volts is obtained further away, then there has been a loss of some 0.6 volts between the two points, which possibly indicates a problem in the wiring. There is a built in load resistor in the tester, which will draw approximately 100mA at 12 volts, thus helping to show up any poor connections in the track circuit – if these are there, the track voltage will drop as the test is made further away from the supply point.

The diagrams above show (from left to right) the unit, detail of the face of the unit, and the unit in use, with the right rail positive, and approximately 10.4 volts on the track.

Ready to use price for             RK-TTV: $29-50

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