Arc Welding,   Fire,   Lighthouse, and   Camera Flash Simulators         Code: RK-WldSimP, RK-FSP, RK-LHSP, & RK-Flash

The Welding Simulator is an effect generator which mimics the flicker of an arc welder using a PIC Microcontroller.

The output is to a small PCB with three LEDs - blue, white, and red. The blue and white provide the arc welding effect, while the red provides a red glow which dies away slowly after every fourth bout of welding to simulate a "glob" of red hot metal dropped from the work.The LEDs are mounted where the "welding" is to take place.

The unit produces several bursts of 10-20 seconds 'welding' separated by a few seconds. A jumper on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is used to select whether the unit continues this pattern, or waits 20-40 seconds before repeating. A control switch on the PCB acts as an on/off switch. This switch is also the means of mounting the PCB on to a control panel.

The unit requires a 12volt supply, and draws a maximum current of less than 30mA.

      A similar module (FSP) is available to produce a fire effect. This has three LEDs - red, orange, and yellow,      
      which are on a miniature PCB,   and which light to give the flickering effect of a fire.   These may be placed      
      under a scale campfire, or in a "burning" building.   The control PCB is mounted behind the on/off switch in      
      a similar manner to the Welder.                                                                                                                              

      The Lighthouse Controller (LHSP) can control two separate LEDs, with a choice of two sets of patterns    
        (controlled by a jumper.)   The lights come on and die out gradually,   as in a prototype lighthouse. High  
        intensity white and green LEDs are supplied, but other colours may be substituted and inserted into the  
        miniature sockets for installing in the model lighthouse. The control PCB is similar to the other modules  
        above (See at left)                                                                                                                                        
        The patterns available are (Set 1) Morse "Q" and equal on/off,                                                                  
                                              or (Set 2) Flash 1-4-3 and gap, in 45 seconds,                                                      
                                                        and Flash 3 and gap in 15 seconds                                                              
        Any of the patterns may be displayed as occluded.                                                                                      

The Camera Flash (RK-Flash) module produces the effect of a photograph taken by a camera with flash. Output is from three cool white LEDs, into
which optical fibres are inserted, and brought out and disguised as the arm of the railfan taking the pictures. A length of optical fibre is provided with
the unit. The three outputs flash at different time intervals, giving the impression of three photographers taking independent photographs.                
The output from one of the detector units D2IR, D2L, or D2M may be used to control the startup of the flash sequences. Thus, the railfans can start
"taking pictures" when a train is detected, and will continue for several seconds after the train is no longer detected.                                                  

Each of the modules RK-WldSimP, RK-FSP, RK-LHSP, or RK-Flash comes "Ready to Go"
Price for each: $34-00

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Adelaide, SA, 5000.                                

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