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Detector Kits

Detectors as required by various other kits
Available to detect via locomotive current,
infrared reflection, light, or using magnets.
2 detectors per kit.
Code: RK-D2C     RK-D2IR     RK-D2L     RK-D2M
Kit price: $22-50

Detector Relay Driver (2 channel)

Takes detector output from any of above and drives
DPDT relays to allow control of ancillary devices
in conjumction with detetcion
Code: RK-DRD2             Kit price: $24-50

Model Railway Scale Speedometer

Displays scale speed of a train in mph or kph,
or measures time.
Scale selectable from Z, N, TT, HO, S, O or No.2.
Add-on 14mm displays possible.
Needs detector kit D2L.
Code: RK-MRSDP           Kit price: $64-50

Fast Clock

Fast Clock with 14mm Display.
Ratios of 1, 2, 4, 6, 7.5, 10, 15 and 60 times normal.
Hold option. Day/night output.
Add-on 14mm displays possible.
Code RK-FClkP           Kit price: $72-50

Analogue Shuttle Controller

Generates analogue voltages to control a train
moving backwards & forwards between 2 end points.
Programmable speed, acceleration, delay
Needs 4 detectors - 2 X D2x kits.
Code: RK-ASCP           Kit price: $42-50
A cruder version with simplified speede control,
and without need for detectors is available.
Code: RK-QDSh           Kit price: $32-50

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