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Track Tester with Voltmeter

A hand held unit which is placed directly on the track
An inbuilt digital voltmeter allows the track voltage
to be determined. while a red/green LED indicates polarity
Draws a small current to highlight voltage loss
Code: RK-TTV           Ready to use price: $29-50

LED Testing Tool

A self contained battery powered unit which allows testing of LEDs
to determine go/nogo, and polarity. The unit also allows LEDs to be
observed at different intensitiesy, and gives the required ballast
resistor values to achieve that intensity from a 12 volt supply.
Code: RK-LEDTool           Ready to use price: $22-50

Increased Current Driver

An add on to modules designed to drive LEDs allowing them
to higher currents - such as multiple LEDs, higher power
incandescent globes, relays etc.
Code: RK-DRV           Kit price: $9-50

Bus Bar

A terminal block for use under the layout to join together
multiple connections on, for example, the track bus,
or the auxiliary power supply bus.
May be configured as 4 lots of 6 way connectors,
or 2 lots of 10 way connectors
Code: RK-LEDTool           Ready to use price: $14-50

Hot Wire Foam Cutter

A tool in the style of a coping saw that uses a hot wire
to cut shapes from the foam commonly used as packaging.
Five volt power supply provided.
Code: RK-HWFC           Ready to use price: $59-50

A battery version of this using D cells is available,
Code: RK-HWFC-B           Ready to use price: $34-50

Electronics for Railway Modellers
Second Edition

Written in reposnse to questions asked by railway modellers
who are not au fait with electronics, but need some basics.
Well reviewed.
Code: RK-BOOK           Price: $39-50

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