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Remotely Controlled Point Motor Driver

Simple control of Peco (or similar) point motors,
by discharging a dedicated capacitor into the
point motor coils.
Code: RK-RCPMD         Kit price: $19-50

Point Motor Switch with Indicator, and Frog Switching.

This is a direct acting point motor control
switch with LED indication of last switching action,
and frog power switching.
Code: RK-PSWI           Kit price: $19-50

Capacitor Discharge Supply

A very gutsy supply (30,000uF) with charge
indicator for twin coil switch machines.
Code: RK-CDS           Kit price: $24-50

Servo Motor Point Actuator

Remote switch (provided) controls servo motor
to move between two adjustable preset limits.
Clockwise (CW) or ACW movement when points set.
Double pole changeover relay contact output.
Code: RK-SPAP         Kit price: $37-50

Remotely Controlled Actuator

Big brother to SPAP above.
Similar operation, but with modes to drive semaphore
signals (with bounce), "Wig-wag" crossing controller,
crossing arm barrier. or anything that needs operation
between two adjustable preset limits.
Code: RK-RCAP         Kit price: $51-00

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